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Nuha Hendricks

Nuha Hendricks is a student illustrator at CPUT. She describes herself, or style of work:

Realistic drawing has always been a pain, which has been the greatest moment that could have happened .. Because this lead to doodling while thinking about the concept of the week or having a designers block (don’t we just dread that moment)… through that I would find the most amazing images, that inspires the way I design and amazingly I would figure out the solution to that designers block.”

The above piece of work is:

Image of hands with the green background “ Arbour Day” : Woodcut print, 3 colours (black, light and dark green). Hands representing people giving a helping hand to help the environment and they represent trees.

You can read more of Nuha describing her work after the jump…

Anatomy: This is a mono type print, this project was based on creating a piece that represents any of part of the body by experimenting with the monotype technique. The image was first engraved into a perspex sheet ad then printed onto a piece of paper using black ink and 50/50 (turps) to create shapes.

Film Festival Poster: we had to create a poster in black and white, and printed on cardboard. image and type was screen printed onto cardboard. The poster can be turned into a brochure (folded up into 6 parts), allowing the person to also turn a piece off.

Oppikoppie poster: This is a screen printed poster, with 4 colours. We had to create a collage and a poster that is unique to any other poster. The girl is made up of ”stone” limbs and her torso is made of an African musical instrument, and the drawn part is the music flowing out her body with the title “Oppikoppie”

Communication design:

Panography : This project is made up of pictures from different angles to create “one big photograph”, we had to choose on focal point (e.g building) and create a logo with a short poem/phrase. This is the clock tower at the waterfront.

Type poster: This project is a poster for a workshop for typographers. We had to find a relationship with the image below and what we have created on the top half. I chose the bold colours because I wanted to use ”warm” colours against the ”cooler” colours.

Kirstenbosch poster: this project was giving to us to create a poster for the summer sunset concert. We had to go to Kirstenbosch for a day draw everything that surrounded us to help us create the poster.

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