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Natalie Rose graduate Copywriter

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After studying Psychology, Media & Writing and Marketing at UCT, Natalie Rose decided to finish her studies at AAA and become a copywriter as this has always been her passion – she loves thinking laterally. More of her work is at her own site. Clicking through to this post will give you a description of all the pieces.

Title: Gnomes
Client: Bosch Garden Tools
Discipline: Art Director – Mary-Anne Grobler, Copywriter – Natalie Rose
Brief: Provide the consumer with a reason for choosing Bosch garden appliances, even though they are more expensive.
Rationale: The most important features of garden tools, especially those of Bosch, are that they are sharp and powerful. This is communicated lightheartedly through the use of garden gnomes.

Title: Turning Lives Away From Crime
Client: NICRO (National Institute for Crime Prevention and the Reintegration of Offenders)
Discipline: Art Director – Hayley de Vantier, Copywriter – Natalie Rose
Brief: Create a national fundraising campaign that builds awareness and stimulates funding.
Rationale: This campaign focuses on the hardships young offenders face, drawing attention to the fact that they are often forced to commit crimes. It also encourages the target market that jail is not always a viable option and with the help of Nicro, they can turn their lives away from crime. (The crumpled, old paper look reflects the way their lives have been torn apart through crime.)

Title: Somebody, Somewhere
Client: Stealth Fly Fishing
Discipline: Art Director – Johan Strydom, Copywriter – Natalie Rose
Brief: Encouarge fly fishing as a rewarding outdoor activity, with Stealth as the first choice in equipment.
Rationale: Comparisons are made in these ads between people who choose to partake in mundane tasks and those that get to experience the thrill of fly fishing.

Title: ‘Ping’
Client: Act II Popcorn
Discipline:Art Director – Jessica Bourke, Copywriter – Natalie Rose
Brief: Promote a single benefit of a snack product as a reminder next time a customer is strolling down the “aisle of temptation”.
Rationale: The ‘ping’ of a microwave at the end of well-known lines from different movies suggests that Act II microwave popcorn can be fresh and ready for any scene.

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