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Player 23 from Vodacom using Mobile, Above the line and Adobe Air

Vodacom has launched a new campaign (Player 23) to target the enthusiastic rugby fans for the Super 14. It features a rugby fan called Jan, the 23rd player, who’s following his daily routine – but with the team following him around and trying to be exactly like him.

Besides the hilarious TV ads, Vodacom also has a website where fans can download their own lockers and personalise them by adding their names, pictures and favourite teams.
Fans can also download all the latest news on the Super 14 and other rugby mobile content to personalise their phones via the mobile element. You can read the entire press release on Bizcommunity.

DraftFCB and ClickThinking was responsible for the concept and production of the PLayer23 Campaign.

What we’re very interested in is the tight integration between above the line (there is an enormous amount of print and TV exposure) and the way that has tied in with Mobile, and the desktop. This is the first mainstream application we’ve seen that uses Adobe Air for the desktop, and pretty tight mobile integration. The main advantages of a platform like Adobe Air is that you develop your app once, and it can be deployed to OSX or Windows, plus you have the added benefit of having free reign by using Flash, and the runtime brings the package size down quite considerably. 10and5 is hoping to get a case study out of the guys responsible for the campaign!

We’re hoping to get a case study out of the guys who produced the entire campaign – it would be very interesting to see what their findings were and how successful the Player 23 campaign was when it comes to and end.

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