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Riaan Vosloo – Solo Exhibition


We’re digging the work by Riaan Vosloo, an artist who’s latest work has centered around the Cape Town neighbourhood Sea Point. Check out some more of his work below, and also the exhibition running at the AVA until the 24th of July.

Walkabout & Talkabouts: Sat: 11/7, 11am

Sat 18/7,11am

On these Saturday mornings I will be talking about the paintings, my processes, influences and motivation at the AVA. 35 Church St, CT CBD All welcome.
I say the things of our time in a personal language. My work engages the whole of my being: not just the intellect, but also the emotional, psychological and spiritual. In keeping with contemporary trends I do not allow myself to become trapped in a single medium or discipline but moves freely between painting, photography, illustration, digital art and graphic design.

All my work could be seen as portraiture of some kind. My work instinctively strives to reveal something of the inner character or soft underbelly of humankind. I am inspired by the challenge of creating something out of nothing, the unpredictability of the medium and the thrill of pushing and pulling the medium to make this happen.

My work offers me the freedom to be myself without social conditioning. In it, I search for something bigger and more meaningful than myself.

“Storietyd” (“ST”) evolved from “ParallelScapes (“PS”, 2007).”PS” was inspired by the parallels between the human being and the urban-geographical (land) “scapes” in which we live. The title “Storietyd” is a simplification of inspiration for the paintings. “ST” tells the story of my process and the stories of the people I photograph in Sea Pont, Cape Town.

My process: I taught Art and Design in Sea Point. I arrived 6:30am in Sea Point because of the traveling on the N1 from Bellville. I started watching and photographing the people, without them noticing, while I waited till 7:30 to leave for school. Soon I started photographing people in the afternoons and also over weekends. The Stories of the People: People from many cultures and backgrounds inhabit Sea Point. The very high contrasts in Sea Point became glaringly obvious to me. In Sea Point you find extremely healthy people and also very sick people. Sea Point host models and people stained and scarred by life. Wealth and poverty are partners in everyday life in Sea Point.

Between 10 and 5