D&D Hair Design


When Dima and Dimitrios decided to open their new hair boutique at the exclusive, five star Cellars Hohenort Hotel, they needed a stylish corporate identity that would reflect their unique hair design experience. Their initials, D and D, lent themselves to a nifty device that created the shape of a stylised pair of scissors. This logo, along with other hair-themed design elements, was then rolled out across the entire CI. The campaign was created by designer Charl Kruger and coprywriter Michael Pearson, with the help of their colleagues at Net#work BBDO Cape Town.


  1. digging it as well! Very slick.

  2. beautiful, beautiful, beauuutiful design! clever too 🙂

  3. This looks amazing – well done!

  4. Legende!

  5. Good stuff Charlus!

  6. Individually, all the various elements are pretty tight (cool logo, cool wallpaper, snazzy bibs), but as a campaign i think this is pretty fucking awesome. This looks like the type of CI project every designer dreams of. Great job.

  7. Nice one Challe. Good work brother

  8. seun, dit is die moooiste moooiste logo. i am so verrry impressed jy kan met my toor.


  9. awe elpaco, dit ruk mal

  10. maxi slick charl

  11. Tarryn Blackwood

    well done charl. go get that one show award! sliiiiiick!