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ghd Revelations campaign by Atmosphere, Cow Africa and Hammer Live Brands

ghd Style Diary website screenshot by Cow Africa

CowAfrica recently finished with the ghd revelations microsite (there’s a mobile version as well). The campaign was put together by Atmosphere Communications and in conjunction with Hammer Live Brands. Check out the event details below:

They say:

ghd connects with brand evangelists through quirky fashion event

Cape Town, August 2009: International hair beauty brand, ghd, has launched a campaign to increase style-leader evangelists for the brand. Centred on an unusual fashion event, ghd Revelations, the campaign conceived by Atmosphere Communications, alongside Hammer Live Brands and Cow Africa integrates public relations, social media and events to create close consumer relationships and interaction.

ghd Revelations is a promenade fashion event spread across a historic Cape Town building. Each room contains living scenes (or tableau vivants) featuring models and performers linked together by a narrative of revelations and moments of transformation. The aim of the events supporting campaign is to create multiple touch-points with consumers, with media coverage enticing fans of the brand to a microsite or mobile site, where visitors can apply for tickets to the event. Close contact is maintained with those interested in attending with teaser information and details spread via the microsite and communities on Facebook and Twitter.

“South Africa is one of the strongest markets for ghd with a passionate fanbase for the brand. By integrating online marketing, PR and events into a seamless marketing campaign we are creating powerful connections with our audience that takes them deeper into the world of ghd,” said Rene Price, managing director of ghd South Africa.

ghd revelations takes place on 3 September at a secret location in central Cape Town, visit for more details.

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