Brent Swart student illustrator

student creative Brent Swart from South Africa

Brent Swart sent us some of his recent work – he’s a 3rd year graphic design student at TUT Arts Campus in Pretoria central. Currently he is doing some freelancing, and looking for an internship – if you’d like to snap him up, drop us a line at Take a look at more of his work on his Deviant Art site.



  1. looks like a influence..

    but weren’t we all heavily influenced as students.. i know i was.. these guys will grow and learn..

  2. isnt that what tutorials are there for? at least he made it his own, i think its great!

  3. Love the Ageny Orange design dude! nice one.

  4. Agent O ( richy )

    awesome design brent, like the use of textures and styles

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