FoxP2 – Ziploc Car for Drunk Driving

Zip Loc Car in Long Street for Brand Activation

We got sent in this brand activation by one of our regular contributers. The car is situated in Long Street, next to Royale. FoxP2 is the agency behind it and the did it as a brand activation for Brandhouse to combat drunk driving. The Toyota Tazz is wrapped up in a HUGE ziploc bag, with a Drunk Driving evidence  sticker. It was executed by Tonic Print.

We dig it! Click through for more.

Brandhouse Brand Activation


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  2. Spotted another one at Engen Gardens this morning. Nice.

  3. Nice idea. But if the car was in an accident, wouldn’t it be a bit smashed up or something? Is there damage on this car? Maybe this photo isn’t showing it?

  4. This is really awesome! Well done guys.

  5. It’s really cool, but it would be freaking awesome if old Horatio had to appear on the scene with shades in hand and a classic CSI one-liner e.g. “Looks like we got this one in the bag”. You can have that one.

    Well done to FoxP2.

  6. Thats an awesome idea and well executed. Fox P2 been sending out some awesome stuff, congrats and keep it coming!