Jordan Metcalf – Nike Branding


  1. F*ck!

    (this excites me.)

    Jordan is king.

    (you could say im a fan, yes.)

  2. Well done Jordan!!!!! Aroooooooo!!

  3. Killer stuff Jordan, nice to see South Africans doing stuff globally.

  4. Even though I can appreciate the fact that these were done in South Africa, and available internationally, I can not get over the fact that this style is getting really old.

    We have seen hundreds of type experiments like this, and none of these designs are really original. It lacks depth and character, and it seems like they were designed only to impress other designers.

    The technical ability is obviously there, but it seems flat. Too flat.

  5. Hey Byron… appreciate your comments…BUT…send us your website so we can crit your stuff…your…NOT SO FLAT, not so OLD stuff. Then we call all make comments. Its only fair. Other than that…thanks for posting us your images Jordan.

  6. I never said I was a designer. I am, however, entitled to my own opinion, and posting it on here. I never slated the designer, I only pointed out that the work isn’t terribly original. These are uncontested designs, no pun intended.

  7. You are welcome to your opinion…I respect opinion. I “in my opinion” also prefer someone who if they comment on design, know something about design. SO instead of just saying…it looks flat…maybe say something like…I don’t like it, but if you changed this and that it might be awesome. It’s called constructive criticism. But thanks for your comments Byron, keep them coming. p.s. Maybe send a link of something that you think is not flat or cool, so we can know where your head-space is at. My bottom line…if Jordan wanted it flat…then flat it is! Imagine the Nike logos in glossy 80’s 3D…ugh! 🙂

  8. You don’t have to know anything about design to have an opinion about it. I don’t see the need for a designer, such as this one, to be offended by what a member of the public thinks about the work. Even more, for you to be defending it.

    These are, after all, international Nike merch, which will be seen/worn by people who don’t know anything about design. I just stated my first impressions. I am done now ;-\

  9. This is great! Well done! Except one of the executions kind of reads “Go home, go homo”

  10. *I mean ‘Go hard, or go homo’

  11. Ha….ha!

  12. good stuff J .. love it

  13. Nice works Jordan, its great to see you get hooked up with the nice folks in Portland. I am jealous of you too…

  14. Good to see you doing well Jordan 😉