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Faith47 wine tanks

Faith47 – A fair exchange is not blind

Faith47 wine tanks

Faith47, “Here are 2 wine tanks I painted on the Fairhills wine farm which is a fair trade wine farm so I went along with the theme of fair trade. This artwork is about transparency within trade. I was invited by Fairhills to interpret the idea of fair trade. South African wine farms have a notorious history in terms of the treatment and payment of their workforce so it’s really good to see some farms embracing fair trade standards. We as consumers should be able to know that the products we buy are supporting farms where basic human rights are respected and enforced. I visited the day care centre, community hall and housing on the farm, which is managed and owned by the community. In an ideal world the idea of fair trade would not be a novelty but a standard in the way that companies operate.”

The New Piece from South African Artist Faith47.

Produced by Testify Films
Director: Jaco Smit
DOP: Jacques Koudstaal
Editor: Dwaine Carrao
Post Production: Catchlight Film

Video via Shelflife Store Blog

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