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Samsung Galaxy Ace

The new ‘Samsung Galaxy Ace’



Animation in advertising is creating some of the most vibrant and engaging media we’ve seen in a long time. Samsung’s latest phone, the Samsung Galaxy Ace required an ad that could visually depict the functions of its new phone, and its Agency M&CSaatchi Abel, turned to Luma to bring the concept to life.


The campaign incorporated a 3 phase release approach, including two sets of print advertising releases (a teaser and the reveal), culminating in the commercials. Central to the campaign was the Android robot that interacted with the Samsung Galaxy Ace, which ensured a seemless continuity across alll the media and helped to focus the attention on the creative execution.


Nick Liatos – creative partner at M&CSaatchi Abel
Gerhard Painter – creative director at Luma
Helena Batty – producer at Luma,
Luma animators Sam Cutler and Martin Sen
Compositor and Designer – Johan Scheepers



Between 10 and 5