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James Dean Poster

Strategy Advertising – Legendary Hair

James Dean Poster


An in-store campaign for Main Attraxion Hair Salon by Strategy Advertising to grab the attention of PE shoppers. Read all about it:


With an influx of boutique hair salons in one of Port Elizabeth’s most affluent suburbs, Main Attraxion asked us to guide their brand out of the clutter. When we were presented with the clients objectives, we soon realized that what this brand needed was a bold, fresh and audacious idea. But we needed to know what we had to work with. The answer was simple…”Not a lot. Try work with what you have.” (The audacity…) After hours of putting our heads together, we realized we had hair! And a lot of it.


We began with re-branding the salon and developed the concept from the nostalgic and relatable experience we have all had of going to the hairdresser and letting the stylist snip away. Before you know it you’re looking in the mirror, hardly recognising yourself, before looking down to see all your fallen hair trimmings.


THE BIG IDEA: The aim of this campaign was to challenge the conventional approach adopted by most hair salons and to create something that would turn heads. Combining the idea of hair trimmings having fallen to the ground and celebrities known for their iconic hairstyles. Marilyn Monroe and James Dean were created into works of hair art with the campaign headlines of “Legendary hair” and “Hair to die for”. Unconventional in its approach as well as its application, we applied the vinyl floor graphics in supermarket hair product isles thus capturing the consumers attention when they are already considering their hair.


Due to budget restraints traditional media was not an option and therefore a more ambient approach was taken in the execution of the campaign in the form of floor graphics and posters.



Creative Directors: Matthew Swarbrick and Warren Upton
Art Direction: Lara-Anne Derbyshire
Design by: Lara-Anne Derbyshire
Copywriter: Matthew Swarbrick
Photography: Karl Schoemaker from Work@Play


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