Skip Installation at the V&A Waterfront - Between 10 and 5

Skip Installation at the V&A Waterfront



If you’ve been to the V&A Waterfront recently you couldn’t have missed this incredible Skip installation created to celebrate the launch of the new Skip liquid detergent. Skip’s Brand Manager, Kerry Alicks says, “The Waterfront installation is a beautiful farewell to the trusted old Skip, and a stunning, exciting welcome to the new, improved liquid. It’s also completely appropriate that the previous Skip bottles were used to show that the new packaging is recyclable.”


The installation comprises of 1500 seagulls, 300 dragonflies, 50 fish and 750 water lilies made out of old Skip bottles and took 2 months to complete. Empty bottles were cut into specific shapes by hand, then joined together with cable ties. (Just a single dragonfly took 16 cable-ties to create.) The installation will be up until the 5th of September so go and have a look!




Ad agency: The Jupiter Drawing Room CT

Designer: Talyn Perdikis

Copywriter: Brett Netherton

Creative Director: Jo Thomas

Account Director: Sam Milne

Installation Company: Mila Co.

Conceptual/Installation artist: Reep Verloren van Themaat









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  1. Wiehan Britz says:

    Phenominal!! This is the kinda creativity that excites me majorly!!

  2. c says:

    great i hope this means i’ll be able to buy fucking skip liquid at the spar again.

  3. dylan says:

    saw it yesterday . its beautiful

  4. Brian Loxton says:

    Probably the most impressive visual advertisement that I’ve ever come across in my life. Mila Co’s skills are unbelievable and should be commended for a job well done.