Graduate Series: Tyler Dolan - Between 10 and 5

Graduate Series: Tyler Dolan

Tyler Dolan


Tyler Dolan recently received his degree in Graphic Design specializing in photography from Durban University of Technology. It was while doing his honours in Graphic Design that Tyler realised he hated sitting behind a computer all day working on designs that he felt weren’t creative enough. This led him to expand his field by working in another medium. Tyler says, ” The aspect of graphic design that I now love is the ideas and thought process that goes into producing a photograph and then also the post processing of that photograph.”


His grad research project, seen here, focuses on documenting the unseen characters roaming the streets of Durban and capturing the rich and vibrant culture in Durban and surrounding areas.


As far as future plans go, Tyler says, “My future plans are rather cloudy at the moment, ultimately I would kill for work in the field of documentary photography but until then I will be freelancing photography trying to increase my advertising photography and photoshopping skills.” He has already done some impressive commissioned work for Durban Comedy Invasion, Millers Rock the Boat, Leisure Club Resort and Cape Town entertainer/radio DJ act Mary Scary to name a few.


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Tyler Dolan

Tyler Dolan

Tyler Dolan

Tyler Dolan

Tyler Dolan

Tyler Dolan

Tyler Dolan






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  1. Graham says:

    Insane work, only in South Africa!

  2. One of Durban’s best photographers. Awesome shots.

  3. Glenn says:

    Great work, very very cool!

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