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Screen shot

Reflection 2164N by Murray Turpin



Murray (MJ) Turpin and team created this video as a visual manifestation to the following found text on flux trends and revolution culture:


“2011 has undoubtedly been the year of the revolution. In South Africa, the establishment of the Police Protection Unit in response to increased outbreaks of violent protest, speaks of a growing need to manage civil unrest. On a global scale, waves of disillusionment have swept through youth culture; giving rise to what WGSN calls the ‘radical revolutionaries’ – politically and environmentally conscious youth who have grown up immersed in Internet culture and who use technology to create social change.


This form of digital activism or ‘clicktivism’ is on the rise, as youth across the globe are harnessing the power of social media to organize campaigns and protests. Disgruntled by corporate greed, radical revolutionaries are calling for transparency, honesty and accountability from brands (and governments). Important considerations for these young people are the future of the environment, the effects of mass-consumerism, access to education and escalating debt amongst their peers.


Brands that address these issues earnestly and show genuine support for the plight of the youth will enjoy the approval of the radical revolutionaries, who will show their support through promotion in their personal networks. While revolution culture will no doubt continue to evolve in the first half of 2012, the second half of the year will see us usher in a post-protest culture, a time for reflection and consideration of a new way forward in 2013.”


The accompanying track is The National by The Frown remixed by Petite Noir, the solo project of Yannick Ilunga.


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