Y&R for Playboy SA



Although internationally Playboy has always been a publication that places a significant focus on intelligent journalism and publishes iconic interviews and in-depth features, locally there is the idea that the magazine only has room for naked women. To help shift perceptions about Playboy SA, Y&R developed this print campaign with the pay-off  “More than just a centerfold.”




Creative Team Credits:
Executive Creative Director: Graham Lang
Creative Director: Graham Lang
Copywriter: Werner Marais. Katherine Glover
Art Director: Alexi McCarthy. Graham Lang
Typography: Rowan Foxcroft
Photographer: Jesse-Leigh Elford
Producer: Ashleigh Hamilton
Accounts executive: Megan Hall


Updated – here’s the rest of the campaign:






  1. The first girl’s boobs look real 😉 Nice campaign. Love the photography.

  2. Lovely art direction – unlike magazine, which is fecking ugly

  3. Playboy: 50 Years of Misogyny

    Regardless of the quality of the articles in the magazine, Playboy still objectifies women. Women are not sex objects. Have some respect.

  4. Feminist – Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire. They objectify men. Get off your high horse. Perhaps consider writing to these models or camping outside modelling agencies and tell these women that they are sell outs? Your kind of thinking sets women/feminism back by 100 years.
    Great art direction and photography. Nice campaign.

  5. beyond embarrassing, childish, offensive, first thought, not even saved by reasonable photography, looks like Y&R really are going down in flames like everyone says

  6. And your kind of thinking encourages the production of a magazine that contributes to unhealthy ways of thinking about sex and thinking about women. Byproducts: misogyny, sexual assault, sexism and rape. Keep degrading women. Keep supporting this shit.

  7. Graham Lang gets three credits for the same ad? He’s basically the Martin Lawrence of advertising.

    Nice campaign though.

  8. Richard, don’t try to be like me.

  9. People get turned on by naked people. It’s natural. That’s why these magazines exist. Not because of some sinister social misogyny. It’s just biology, so get over it and get back to the kitchen. Either that or give credit where it’s due. This is a nice campaign.

  10. While i respect Graham as a colleague in the industry, I’m sorry to say I don’t believe this campaign will go the distance.

  11. i can’t but help agreeing with Mick here, and it has a distinct sniff of scam to me…

  12. Awesome art direction. Awesome Idea.

  13. I rather like this campaign… so it seems it just one week Ive become anti Christians (RedBull) and anti feminists – who knew, Im like the worst Convent Girl EVER!

  14. @Feminist: Do you have any proof that things like this lead to violence or sexual deviance?
    You can’t sit and throw works like rape and sexual assault around without proof.
    You need to get laid. It’ll help us all

  15. @Feminist – the mere fact that you put “woman” and “sex objects” in one sentence is proof that you consider yourself a sex object. Woman epitomize sex and should be celebrated. The medium varies, be it Vogue, Playboy, Hustler or Extreme Gangbang 14. These varying mediums cater to different audiences. I would definitely not subscribe to your preferred publications, although I do enjoy the odd lesbian scene, I dont do eastern European discuss throwers.

    Quoting you: “Byproducts: misogyny, sexual assault, sexism and rape. Keep degrading women. Keep supporting this shit.” – are you fucking serious, have you ever had normal fun/loving sex? Playboy is a gentlemans magazine. A true gentleman enjoys a good lewd, nude woman and some good reading.

    Get with the program, this is a great campaign.

  16. @feminist who do think puts the world’s vets through university. Without the salary earned from honest shoots like this, those girls will never have the funds they need to pursue their dream of caring for your darling kitties.
    Who are you to insult the paths they have chosen for themselves. I can’t recall seeing a headline saying “Heffner fingered in Playboy Human Trafficking syndicate”.
    No one forces those beauties to strip off and exhibit their assets. If they ever do a underarm hair issue, you’ll have your chance to contribute to the world.

  17. Damn question marks.

  18. I think the ‘silicon valley’ one will make a very nice Pongracz ad.

  19. Agh Mick, grow up man. Don’t be a ha-ha-hater just because your old bunch are doing good work.

  20. But rowan foxcroft is from Durban?