HalfArsed-a Chef | NoMU’s Online Cooking Show



This new campaign by top food innovation brand NoMU is a spoof web series that makes fun of the world’s current obsession with reality TV cooking shows. The first episode of the series, HalfArsed-a Chef, is called The Boerie Tower and features some well-known faces, including Helen Zille.




Concept and production:
Retroviral Digital Communications and Team Best Productions





  1. funnny…………

  2. Probably the best example i’ve ever seen of how to waste money!

    Quick, the client has a great idea… pfft.

  3. You can just see the thought process: “Let’s film some (semi) well known blogger/tweeter types and they will therefore share our video and it will be a social media success”.

    Sorry, but this doesnt work. It’s not interesting, the production quality is not good, and it doesn’t say anything for NOMU’s premium and actually very good product.

  4. That was simply atrocious. I would say a complete and utter waste of my 3min and 31sec.