Beard-growing billboard for Bronx



beard billboard bronx


Creative Marketing Agency, Bletchley Park, created this interactive, beard-growing billboard for their client Bronx Men’s Shoes. The “Man Enough” brand’s six meter high billboard features the portrait of a man’s face covered in stubble. People then ‘like’ the brand page on Facebook to trigger the beard to grow.


Wayne Stanford, Brand Manager of Bronx Men’s Shoes, said, “By pioneering this interactive billboard we want to connect with our customers in an unexpected way and introduce them to our rugged range of shoes. By asking them to engage with our Facebook page we’re giving them complete control of the billboard’s beard growth. We’re hoping that our customers appreciate the humour.”


The billboard will be up for a month, check it out on the corner of Church and Buitensingel Street in Cape Town and get it growing at


beard billboard bronx

beard billboard bronx



  1. how does the tech work behind it?

  2. Awesome 🙂

  3. Bletchley Park, conceptualised the idea and built the infrastructure with ropes, digital servo motors and Facebook integration.


  5. Damn this is cool!

  6. Nice one!

  7. Heykla Moto Bletchley ! You guys Rock ! Please grow some onto my balding head !!

  8. The reality is: Bronx is still a shit brand! HA HA!

  9. Please make a super model billboard with a loose bikini which gets looser with every like. id press that!

  10. That’s cool. Nice one guys.

  11. cool tech, bad execution. location?

  12. love the powerlines in front of it…

  13. sadvertising

  14. What is the address of this Billboard?

  15. “on the corner of Church and Buitensingel Street in Cape Town”