William Shatner for Dial Direct



The first TV commercial in the latest campaign for Dial Direct insurance featuring the great William Shatner. Expect more soon!




Agency: Joe Public Johannesburg

Executive Creative Director: Pepe Marais

Creative Director: Xolisa Dyeshana

Art Director: Simon Keeling

Copywriter: Claudette Browne Storrar

Account Director: Samantha Samuels

Account Manager: Samantha Tame

Production company: Bouffant

Director: Dean Blumberg



  1. William Shatner is just too cool! 😀

  2. It’s Joe Public and Dean Blumberg from Bouffant.

  3. I think the agency is Joe Public

  4. Now THAT was an attention grabber last night!

  5. It was Joe Public Johannesburg! Director Dean Blumberg , Bouffant Productions. Creative team Pepe Marais, Xolisa Dyeshana , Claudette Storrar Brown , Simon Keeling, Samantha Samuels and Samantha Tame as client service

  6. He’s such a legend.
    I would have him co-host the next Loeries with Danny McBride.

  7. Typical South African companies prepared to fork out millions of dollars to pay a washed out second rate American actor but they wont pay South African actors even R50 000 for the same work, who cares abt Americans their accents put us off products just incase you didnt know, case in point 94.7Highveld paying Ryan Seacrest Millions to do a recorded show for them and we have tuned out and listen to Jacaranda now, guys dont encourage sh***t at our countries expense.

  8. And by the way the that Dial Direct Shatner advert sucks l kinda zoned out its just too much babbling, now if you want a killer insurance ad that even my kids pay attention to listen to the latest AA Insurance ad now thats awesome and refreshing.Dial Direct you have been sold a dud lol.

  9. What a waste of William Shatner…

  10. this is rad. It’s captain Kirk playing tennis while wearing a suit. It’s awesome. Well done Joe Public. Hands down the best celeb endorsement ad to hit our screens for a while.

  11. @oh come on! What do you do at Joe Public?

  12. Federation Intern #7548920

    @zac watch your mouth Klingon. Your attacks on my Captain will not be tolerated. Mr Shatner is a living legend.
    One more outburst like that and I’ll set my phaser to ‘Incinerate’. I’m just pulling your hidden tentacles man.

    To compare local never-have-been actors to a legend like William Shatner is like comparing Star Trek season 7 episode 12 to Malema’s Std 5 Science Project. Just thinking about it makes me laugh so hard my pointy ears fall off.

    When you use a foreign actor, you aren’t just paying for their skills but also the weight they bring. I’m not talking about old Bill’s love for Saturn Samoosas.

    When I saw this ad, I immediately jumped out of my Starship Enterprise shaped bed and entered this event into my Captain’s log. Captain Kirk is a badass but I do struggle to see his relevance to this ad. When you use a man feared throughout the universe, you use him in a way that fits his personality. Unless Dial Direct is on a mission to boldly go where no insurance company has gone before.

    Live long and prosper.

  13. @ Zac & JJ

    Sing it with me!

    I’f you’re unhappy and you’re hater, hate on this ad! * clap clap *

    I’f you’re unhappy and you’re hater, hate on this ad! * clap clap *

    I’f you’re unhappy and you know it and all you can do is show it and show it.

    I’f you’re unhappy and you’re hater, hate on this ad! * clap clap *

  14. I agree with zac. Doing an ad like this and making Shatner the ‘mascot’ for the duration of this ATL campaign is lazy, especially after the success of Santam’s Ben Kingsley commercial series. William Shatner also sounds a bit drunk for the first 15 seconds. I can hardly hear what he’s saying.

  15. easy on those pastries big guy..

  16. You poor, dumb bastards. You got one of the most iconic TV legends of the last 30 years and put him in a piece of crap like that? I hope Shatner sues you. If there’s such a thing as a advertising license, yours should be revoked. TENNIS?! Really. My god, that’s like getting the Incredible Hulk to open a pickle jar! If you guys at Dial Direct are reading this, give us a call before they use George Clooney in a Black Like Me commercial. REALLY?

  17. @Federation Intern #7548920
    What weight are you talking abt? 80% OF South Africans dont know Shatner or are just indifferent to him, do a random asking survey and ask who he is and out of 10 people you will be lucky to get 1 who knows him, so what weight are you on abt this is not 1985. And dude you seem to love testicles(shiver), each to his own l guess.
    @Tall Shaw
    l am sure they will let you keep your job at Bouffant so l understand your glee.
    You spot on.

    l still maintain that ad is awful no matter how many times you see it. How stoned where the people sitting through the pitch is what l wanna know.

  18. Federation Intern #7548920

    @zac it just so happens I conducted an intergalactic surgery where 7 out 10 interstellar beings knew about the existence of a one Mr William Shatner. An interesting nugget of consumer insight came from the Volgon Galaxy where the word “Zac” means “The piece of slurgon (A type of ram) skin commonly found in-between the ass and organic plasma cannon” – their version of the gooch I guess. That said, let’s try keep these comments on the work though.

    The weight he brings is years of funny work.
    Don’t give that whole 80% of South Africans kak. With that argument you can say that the same goes for every foreign actor used in a South African ad.

    Put our Star Trek and Rescue 911 allegiances to the side, I did actually agree with you on some points. It’s not the best use of old Bill, but he’s still a legend. You would have seen that if you actually read my full post.

    I must run. They’ve just found a planet made entirely out of bubble wrap and I would hate to get there late. What has been popped can never be unpopped.

  19. Federation Intern #7548920

    Surgery = survey. Doh.

  20. @Federation Intern #7548920
    You are just an idiot. Rather go back to school and finish your woodwork classes coz “survey” is too big a word for you.

  21. Guys – In about 1.5 more off-topic/personal comments we’ll close this thread.

  22. Federation Intern #7548920 may the force be with you.

  23. To all the supposed haters… touche!, they could have done better with Shatner. I think their reference is that of his role in Boston legal.Denny Crane!

  24. William Shatner is too polished to do something like this..the guy must really need the bucks to do an ad in SA. Im sure there are plenty local actors who could do better and for less compensation. Dial Direct should pass the benefit to its customers instead of forking out millions for Shatner. Who’s next? Maybe Jacob Zuma when he retires