Nando’s message for Madiba


  1. Yes, because political satire in social media and standing up against an oppressive regime makes you have something in common.

    This is terribly distasteful in my opinion.

  2. Johann. Not what the ad is saying at all. It’s the standing up against something that they share. And i don’t think they’re comparing themselves to Madiba at all, no one could do that. I thought it was a really nice bit of advertising and the message was great.

  3. Not sure a chicken brand that uses playful political satire and banter as a communication tactic and a man who spent his life fighting for and upholding human rights are comparable…

  4. Johann and Jayne, it is people like you that get the Nando’s adds pulled from TV because it is ‘rustling too many feathers’!

  5. somecopywriter

    I like it, powerful visual and good copy. Makes sense for Nando’s to me.

  6. I agree with Johann and Jayne. It appears that Narcissus has caught a glimpse of his reflection once again and is now having a tonk in front of the mirror. Is this the state of advertising in South Africa?

  7. once again. copmaring grilled chigen with a modern day saint.. not cool chigun man.. not cool. some topics can not be used to promote selling cheeegen.

  8. Ruffling feathers is one thing. Mixing metaphors is another.

  9. hey at least jayne got the nuts to attache her pic and not post like a scared little troll. hey wait.. that’s me.

  10. Wait. Did I just read this right. Nandos comparing themselves to Nelson Mandela? So, agenda to sell more grilled chicken, equals a living heritage for all mankind? Truly truly shameful. You really should learn where to draw the line Nando’s.

  11. TAKE IT EASY PEOPLE YOH, lol… this is NANDO’s…. if Mandela saw this i am sure his only comment would be “lol”…. now loosen and go buy some chicken tu…