Kalahari Olympic ads



This series of Olympics-inspired ads is by JWT Cape Town and advertises¬†online retailer kalahari.com‘s ‘Gold Medal Movies’ on sale now. Enjoy!




Creative Director: Conn Bertish
Copywriter: Roderick McCall
Art Director: Graeme Bettles & Jane Hollander
Account Management: Claire Markwell & Kate Wilson
Production: Rochelle April









  1. These are great!

  2. amazeballs

  3. Love love love love

  4. anonymous_as_always


  5. K@K funny! Esp Brokeback!

  6. Freaking awesome stuff!

  7. I love these!

  8. Fantastic work guys, well done!

  9. It’s a love fest from me too! So cool.

  10. Brilliant!

  11. Lovers gonna love. Great work!

  12. Incredibly effortless and fun to watch – win!

  13. Really awesome and super funny. So unexpected too, love it! Great work!

  14. Outstanding job. Ad of the Month, surely.

  15. Such clever thinking. Very funny.

  16. Great stuff, especially cannon ball haha

  17. These are great. Got a few chuckles from me.