Dauðalogn by Anique Van Wyk and Zoë McLean


Talenthouse is an international creative crowdsourcing site that offers briefs like ‘Design for No Doubt’, ‘Interpret Bob Marley’s One Love’ or ‘Direct a video for Sigur Rós‘. All girl local creative team Anique Van Wyk, Zoë McLean, Jelena Jablanovic and Sheila-Madge Bakker did just that. They answered the completely open brief with this music video for a track off the new Sigur Rós album, valtari.


Their rationale is, “Sigur Rós echoes somewhere amidst the transition between the subconscious and conscious. A thing to feel just behind the senses, where logic can’t quite reach and magic reigns, tickling the soul and dancing drums on the solar plexus. She is Sheila-Madge Bakker; human, animal, cells and stardust.”


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Model – Sheila-Madge Bakker
Make-Up – Anique Van Wyk
Costume Design – Jelena Jablanovic
Shot & Directed by Anique Van Wyk
Cut & Edited by Zoë McLean


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