Loeries 2012 Mobile App by Aqua

Loeries App


With just one week to go The Loerie Awards has launched their official mobile application built by digital agency Aqua.


The app contains the programme for the Loeries weekend and Creative Week which runs from 15 – 23 September, daily judging updates, the MyCiTi bus routes and the free, dedicated routes for Loeries delegates. The app also includes helpful extras like important contacts and emergency numbers.


The app, available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry handsets, can be downloaded from app.theloerieawards.co.za



  1. Massive fail:
    UX is horrible, clickable areas are too small.
    Map, cant zoom in with pinch or expand, have to click.
    cant click on “developed by Aqua” to open website.

    0 out of 5 stars

  2. I agree with the other commenter in that the UX could be better, my main issue is that it lags when you ‘click’ on something. It’s not very responsive to actions.

  3. Hey 10and5, thanks for featuring the app!
    Noseworthy, thanks for your feedback, much appreciated. Here’s a bit more context for you which might explain a few things:
    In a nutshell: we had to keep the functionality and niceties, such as pinch zoom to a minimum due to the time we had in which to roll-out with the app. The Aqua logo was not meant to be clickable – we decided not to opt for pushing users to our website this time round. We don’t believe the clickable areas are too small, but would love to hear which device you’re using so we could look into it.
    – The Aquanauts

  4. Hmm.. I suspect that maybe, as with all of these types of sponsored work, they had a very short timeline.. It looks great though! Realy nice piece of design. PS – If your Program area stops working, switch to Map and then back again and it should work great again. At least, that seemed to work for me. (iphone 4S)

  5. Galaxy SIII ICS

  6. Not impressed at all. The styling is complete visual overload, too many textures, fonts, sizes, icons and other elements, makes me feel like a cameleon on a smartie box. Last time I saw this many styling and design inconsistencies, was when I browsed junior designer portfolios.

    The program section could have included exanders with more info – e.g. judging list for each category or speaker names with topics. Locations should have been clickable. Program should have been able to sync with your personal calendar. Also how about being able to favorite/ bookmark certain events, or sharing them on facebook?

    The map. Typical user actions are not catered for, no pinching to zoom in and out, just two zoom levels are available on double tap/ click. You can also not switch between views, e.g switch bus routes off in able to just get a map view. The shuttle service/ bus service schedule layout makes no logical sense, and no search/ filter is available.

    Contact us, is usefull, but once again, no search filter? The list of taxis could be much better, what about including Sea point taxi, and Excite, they are by far the biggest. Grouping this info under help, also makes no sense.

    All in all, userflow is a nightmare, with valuable info under help and the phone book labelled as contact us, none of the logos being clickable and navigation elements not being treated consistently, there is nothing left to do but uninstall this app.

    For future how about including things like find a local? A way to connect to other app users based in cape town and have these guys show you the ins and outs. Sure most regular attendees are pretty clued up, but events like these are all about connecting and exploring.

    Currenty there is nothing that this app adds to my life, and it most definitely does not increase excitement, or a have the level of engagement that one would expect.

  7. Ahem… compare the app to the http://www.theloerieawards.co.za website.. it’s leagues ahead. Don’t hate.. create. >:-|

  8. this doesnt fit on my new longer iphone…

  9. Does not work at all on HTC Desire HD