Man-made rainbow by Michael Elion

Michael Elion
Photograph by Guto Bussab


Michael Elion is a Cape Town based artist/architect who works mainly on large scale public artworks. He is also one of the artists exhibiting at Commune.1’s first birthday group show today. To celebrate the opening of the show Michael has created a man-made rainbow which will be turned on every sunny day from 2:45pm – 3:45pm for a month from today.


Michael says, “My fascination with rainbows started with trying to create one in a frame, but I soon realised that, when it comes to rainbows, perspective and direct light are vital. All of these elements come together in the street directly in front of the Commune.1 gallery.”


See the rainbow today and see his giant hand grenade sculpture (in the poster below) this evening from 6.30pm at Commune.1 gallery, 64 Wale Street, Cape Town.


Photograph by Guto Bussab
Photograph by Guto Bussab



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