Ster-Kinekor TVC by FoxP2 - Between 10 and 5

Ster-Kinekor TVC by FoxP2

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This TVC for Ster-Kinekor launched on the 10th of September but we’ll have to wait until this Friday to see the (literally) explosive ending. And it’ll only be shown at Ster-Kinekor cinemas.


Taking a hint from the pay-off line which reads, “Some things can only be experienced on the Big Screen”, we’ll have to get to the movies from the 21st of September to see what happens when a kerosene tanker, a truck carrying fireworks, a bakkie loaded with tanks of glitter and a lorry filled with parachuting snakes collide.




Agency: FoxP2
Production house: Bouffant
Director: Dean Blumberg
Animation: Sinister




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  1. deon says:

    Epic work. Wish I’d thought of it and definitely will check out the ending at Ster Kinekor.

  2. Troll says:

    Awesome. Makes me want to head to Ster Kinekor with my camera and tripod. I’ll tazer the fool that gets up while I’m filming the ending of this ad.

  3. Carlos the Hamster says:

    Great stuff!

  4. brattstar says:

    pretty cheesy but great concept

  5. Andy says:

    Not only was it a great concept, The company chosen to bring it to life,could not have been better. Bravo Fox P2 and bravo Bouffant……This should win Dean another award