Young and Lazy SS 2012 Shoot


  1. I thought this post was going to be about the ANC Youth League..

  2. I hate how fashion is moving away from the focus on quality and construction to how great your look-book looks.
    Nice work guys,but now how do buyers/potential clients see the actual garments,details ect.?
    I was more drawn to the photoshop effects and photography than I was to the actual product(garments)

  3. I love how fashion can also be about more than just the garments (while quality and construction are important), and represent a lifestyle too. Here the layouting does a good job I think.

  4. Great work Anees, Fani and the rest of the team. Can’t wait to get me some tie-dyed Parka vibes!!

  5. Dope collection…style upon style. simple and functional fashion.

    Await a skate collection.

  6. Nah. Not a fan of this. Agree slightly with Jazzy J, and also think the editing is not well done at all. Dig the clothes and model-styling though.

  7. I really like a lot of what’s going on here.. obvs there is room for improvements but it’s got something.. and i like where its going. keep it up..