Kurt Schoonraad & ‘The Truth About Wine’



This online video campaign was created by interactive online video agency AUGUST for Tall Horse wines. The basis of the concept is the Tall Horse belief that wine should be enjoyed rather than learned and the videos feature local comedian Kurt Schoonraad poking fun at an industry known for being rather serious.


AUGUST created and produced the full clip and three additional teaser videos to generate extra awareness. The videos hit over 12,000 YouTube views in the first two weeks of release with over 680 000 Facebook newsfeed impressions, 400 shares and 800 extra likes added to the Tall Horse Facebook page.


Video credits:


Producer / director: Jaco du Plooy
DOP: Shaun Lee
Creative Director: David Cope
Executive Producer: Francois Botha









  1. This is the biggest load of crap ever. No body puts ice in there red wine!@!! Clearly fools suffer Kurt gladly.


  3. Carlos the Hamster

    Kurt is not funny and never will be.

  4. I love this! You wine snobs are obviously not the target market. @Neil “this is Africa, just in enjoy it” you tight ass.

  5. I agree with Snarky.
    Ice. Even in red wine is the best in Summer.
    Only way I get my water in.
    As refreshing as this communication.

  6. Carlos the Hamster

    Ice in red wine? James you gotta be kidding me.

  7. I like it. About to make a red wine smoothie.

  8. @Carlos – wine advice from a Hamster? I rest my case.

  9. I say Wine-Not. If he’s allowed to put ice in wine I can make bad puns about wine. Pronouncing french words incorrectly on purpose will always be funny.

  10. Red wine should be room temperature, but room temp in FRANCE which is on average a lot colder than room temp in SA. Therefore, lots of people put ice in their red wine to bring the temp down to what it should actually be. Now I know it dilutes the flavour, blah blah wine snob, but when you are drinking a 40 rand bottle from woolies who cares about the true flavour.

  11. Carlos the Hamster

    Point taken Mike…ja sometimes it’s better to dilute a R40 bottle.