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DraftFCB – Isn’t it good in advertising land

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DraftFCB created this video for the festive period to celebrate advertising.

UPDATE: Just received this video from DraftFCB. Well done!

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Here’s a picture of the shirt you can get from them. Use the hashtag #goodinadvertisingland or email troll@draftfcb.co.za



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  1. Mike says:

    Put a fork in me I’m done.

  2. Mike says:

    I wonder if the creative circle drew straws and Draft got the shorty, so they had to make something so bad that everyone else would feel awesome about working for their own agency?

  3. Johnson says:

    “We have heard rumours that it was meant ironically.”

    You’ve managed to trump the stupidity of this video with that sentence.

    Well done.

  4. dcock says:

    glad i left the agency life

  5. dcock says:

    “the weekends are gone but nobody whines”

    this is the epitome of whats wrong with our industry

  6. Murray says:

    It’s a parody of The Muppets, for goodness sake. The Muppets. Nothing more, nothing less. Get a brain cell, get a life.

  7. Troll says:

    It begs the question – who are the muppets?
    I did enjoy the M.I.B response though http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsEggPxdCew&list=UUMNXHe4tnXyBj4tgWnMC7WA&index=1

  8. Robert says:

    A parody on Muppets you say do you…. I get it. Why then of this sweet sweet earth would they choose to do something so utterly pathetic as the Muppets!?? CREATIVE FAIL!!!!

  9. Sarah Marshal says:

    I think its HILARIOUS, very cheesy but light hearted and fun !! You people need to learn to Laugh a Little * Please remove the sticks from your butts now.
    Well done Draft an agency that can actually have fun and laugh a little

  10. Ian says:

    It’s great to have a laugh at someone else’s expense, isn’t it Johann? But it wasn’t too long ago that you were bleating about the amount of negative comments on 10&5.

    Reposting the video after Draftfcb had taken it down just perpetuates that negativity. There’s a lot of kak out there. Focus on the good stuff rather.

  11. Charlotte says:

    That is 2 minutes and 34 seconds of my life I will NEVER GET BACK. Shame on you.

  12. dylan says:

    I do think its a bit unfair to repost something that was taken down. It feels a bit opportunistic.

  13. Carlos the Hamster says:

    “I started a joke, which started the whole world crying…”

  14. Sarah Marshal says:

    Life’s a happy song lalalalaaa

  15. Ryan says:

    The saddest part is they probably had to work over weekends to make this rubbish, “but nobody whines”.

  16. ryno says:

    glad I got to see the lameness, shot 10and5.

  17. Kirsten says:

    This is a great lesson to everyone. Once its on the internet, it will forever be on the internet!

  18. dada says:

    lol this isn’t funny, this is an agency trying to be creative and light-hearted and failing superbly.

    is it this kinda crap that draft ppl are capable of when they aren’t being whipped by their CD? sad.

    gz lol

  19. TheBeard says:

    Totally made it worse by taking it down in the first place – its like they admitted it was that bad by taking it down. Should have stuck to their guns with the ‘ironic’ line and all the fuss would have died down…. now it’s just a free for all.

    You would think agency peeps would be familiar with this concept – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streisand_effect

  20. Ernie says:

    After watching this, it burns when I piss. This is probably because I’m pissing into my eyes.

  21. Petrolhead says:

    Shame. I feel sorry for the people that were forced to ‘star’ in this.

  22. Eric Shaun says:

    Is draft hiring? I definitely want to work there now

  23. MIKE says:

    Lets see johann come up with something better, i mean he’s a creative director now… hahah

  24. Jade says:

    Holy crap what is this?

  25. Not Client Service says:

    This must have been a concept born out of client service

  26. Rabubi says:

    Now they has disallowed comments.

  27. Snarky says:

    I just puked all over my desk.

  28. Johann says:

    I actually think it was really close to being great. This industry takes itself way too seriously as it is – just look at the comments for proof.

    They kind of duffed it when they made it about their own ethos at the end though. If it was just a parody it would have been hilarious.

  29. dylan says:

    didn’t Network BBDO do something like this a few years ago ?

  30. Johann says:

    Dylan – Yeah, I think they did. Couldn’t find it anywhere though.

  31. adman says:

    guys, please don’t flame so much.

    it’s pretty clear that whoever was behind the camera was pointing a loaded gun at the peeps.

    look at their faces! can’t you see their fear? those weird, jittering movements – morse code!

  32. Demetri says:

    This is the Rebecca Black of agency videos.

  33. Keenan says:

    Sit back, clear your mind, and realise how ridiculous this ENTIRE situation is.

  34. greg says:

    that is so cool and cheesy. well done to everyone involved, and thanks for making me smile.

  35. David says:

    They should have had a ‚Äúpanda‚ÄĚ (a fake panda) in the video.

  36. Drogba says:

    C’mon guys, surely its just a bit of fun? “Life’s a happy song when you just bombed the best idea we’ve ever had”. Makes me smile, can’t see where all the bile is coming from?

  37. Justin says:

    Seriously people, this is just a good laugh. If it doesn’t appeal to your sense humour, then move the hell on. Take the carrot out your ass and have a happy holiday!

  38. Goodwan says:

    Clearly they didn’t have Vodacom’s budget to save their shit idea with a big director.

  39. Carlos the Hamster says:

    Just goes to show how petty/childish people in our industry can be…

  40. Pelsjas says:

    you know if you listen really hard you can hear a fridge chilling a beer so can everyone just shut up and go suip!

  41. Marty says:

    lol lol ol ol o l olololo lololololol

  42. Mike says:

    Wow. Watching the video, I was struck by the fun these people were having, thinking I’d want to work there. But reading some of the bordering on vicious comments, I’m wondering about the ad industry overall. It’s the holidays, people. Whatever happened to peace on earth, good will toward man?

  43. bobthebuilder says:

    This is when someone in management or client service says, hey you know what would be a great idea….

    No, it’s not. Never. Ever…just no.

  44. Herero says:

    Mense, chill julle boude. Pelsjas! Kry vir my ook ‘n koue!

  45. hey says:

    i want a shirt lol

  46. Jonas Bior says:

    It’s not like they could be serious with this video so how can so many people take this video so serious!?XD to ad(d) something more to the fireXD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jne9t8sHpUc&t=1m28s

  47. Shame says:

    Johann’s clearly not interested in making friends up in Joburg.

  48. Ben says:

    Hahaha, Wicked response guys! #goodinadvertising Ps reply to all those with this link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tongue-in… Perhaps it will aid them?

  49. Ernie says:

    I approve that goddam t-shirt! Well done DraftFCB, really. All I want is that shirt. It’s all about me at the end of the day. I am greatness. I am Ernie.

  50. Ben says:

    btw… One day when I’m big, I will work for them!

  51. DaftFCB says:

    Some serious back-peddling going on with this t-shirt kak. I’m sure Draft is going to try post rationalise that they planned the t-shirt thing as part of the ad. Anyone noticed the brilliant MIB clip has been blocked, and the pathetic attempt at removing the video from 10and5?? Sorry draft, no hiding this turd.

  52. Craig says:

    You can laugh at them or with them, the point is you are laughing. Haters gonna hate.

  53. visrat says:

    Oh dear.. This made me so happy I’ve left advertising, great video to kick start my Friday beer, thanks Johann.

    To all the agency sock puppets calling for calm and ‘hippy’ love, as well as trying to defend a poorly managed production and subsequent poor response strategy, remember, it’s never too late to stop drinking the koolaid.

    Have a great weekend everyone..

  54. Uno De Waal says:

    Thanks for all the comments everyone. This post is now closed. We are planning a ‘best of’ agency video series, so if you find any a good local one please send it in to submissions@10and5.com.