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On Thursday, the 17th of January, FNB launched their 2013 brand campaign, ‘You Can Help’, with a commercial that was broadcast live across various channels and streamed online, all in real time. A first for South Africa. In the four months leading up to the live broadcast, they conducted a nationwide survey and spoke to over 1600 primary school, secondary school and university students to understand how our youth feel about our country and our future. The ad is a message from the children of South Africa spoken by 17 year old high school student Kelly Baloyi at Naledi Secondary School in Soweto.


According to a Mail & Guardian article, the ANC and ANC Youth League have criticized the campaign saying it borders on treason. ANC spokesperson Keith Khoza is quoted in the piece as saying, “This isn’t an advert – it’s a political statement. An attack on the president, his ministers and government as a whole.” Find the full M&G article here.






Research Background

Who is Kelly Baloyi?


How it was made:









  1. Carlos the Hamster

    The only good thing about this campaign is that it has upset the Youth League.

  2. The above is actually incorrect. Kelly is not a learner from Naledi Secondary, but head girl from another school. She is truly an inspirational young girl and we are all so proud of her!!!

  3. Well she needs to pick one facial expression.

  4. I muzi magubane saw da advert and I think its great that young people like me are given a platform to talk abt life in general. There I would like 2 commit myself. To any youth You can Help Productions o projects run by FNB

  5. Henrico van der ventel

    I did watch the video a few second ago and its realy sad how our country lives in a negative situation. I agree with her whe as South Africans must stand together and love each other and help each other in the mighty name of our GOD- “Nkosi sikelel I’Africa”