Chicken Licken | Longing - Between 10 and 5

Chicken Licken | Longing

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This creepy ad by Net#work BBDO for Chicken Licken Soul Fire is the first of 3 new TV commercials that will be running from this week.




Copywriter: Liam Olding / Este DuPlessis
Art Director: Warwick Rautenbach
Creative Director: Graeme Jenner
Executive Creative Director: Rob McLennan
Chief Creative Officer: Mike Schalit
Director: Pete Pohorsky





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  1. coda says:

    I enjoyed this up until the voiceover (DJ Fresh?); it wasn’t really necessary.

  2. Thesiger says:

    Mmm … the story had me set up for something unexpected and fun, but the twist was rather dull and advertising-like (it felt overly familiar and cloying).

  3. Carlos the Hamster says:

    Nicely shot. Expected more of a twist at the end.

  4. kiddo says:

    Totally agree – lovely “One hour Photo” feel but punchline just didn’t deliver.