Lorraine Loots | 365 Paintings for Ants - Between 10 and 5

Lorraine Loots | 365 Paintings for Ants

Lorraine Loots

15 x 22 mm


While her minuscule, detailed paintings are some no bigger than a thumb nail, there’s nothing small about Lorraine Loots’ talent. And with her new project, 365 Paintings for Ants, we get to see a bit of it every single day.


The intricacy in her paintings contradicts their size, so we’ve included their measurements to show how incredibly tiny they actually are. Lorraine says she enjoys working on¬†such a small scale because she really has to pause and get close to the piece to see it clearly. She says that the whole idea behind the project is to dedicate an hour a day to making a tangible version of any tiny detail that would normally go unnoticed.


The project started out as an idea Lorraine pitched at the end of a three month Business Acumen for Artists course at the UCT Graduate School for Business. She says, “I was the only person in a class of about 30 students that decided not to become a full-time artist after all, and this pitch was simply intended as a side project. To be honest, I never actually intended to go through with it, but when the judges came up to me after the pitch and started booking days, I began to think that maybe it was worth a shot.”


The subject matter in her miniatures pertains to any story/events of her day from pictures people post on Facebook to plastic dinosaurs to lunar landscapes. Lorraine also encourages suggestions, “I see it as a kind of an interactive project. I’m definitely not the tortured artist sitting in a corner expressing my emotions. I’m influenced by everything around me.”


The project will culminate in an exhibition titled “365 Paintings for Ants”, which will take place in January 2014. In the meantime, get daily updates at¬†paintingsforants.tumblr.com.




Lorraine Loots

11 x 16 mm

Lorraine Loots

23 x 18 mm

Lorraine Loots

22 x 22 mm

Lorraine Loots

18 x 10 mm

Lorraine Loots

15 x 15 mm

Lorraine Loots

8 x 8 mm

Lorraine Loots

22 x 13 mm

Lorraine Loots

20 x 20 mm

Lorraine Loots

14 x 17 mm




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  2. Ruanda says:

    Very talented, amazing detail

  3. Hennie Loots says:

    Baie netjies… Moet ‘n loots geen wees! Van waar kom jy?

  4. Barbara says:

    How do I purchase a painting? Barbara

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    Irresistibly beautiful. How can I buy one?

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    Die skoonheid van jou werk is ‘n inspirasie!

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    Baie mooi. Teen watter prys en wanneer is dit beskikbaar. Sal dalk belangstel in die 13 Desember sin.