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Featured: Stephan van Wyk

Stephan van Wyk


Many illustrators take years to develop a defining personal style, but it’s apparent that recent graduate Stephan van Wyk has already found his. His imaginative, childlike and charming imagery evolved with a lot of positive reinforcement and encouragement from his lecturers at Stellenbosch Academy, but an arts career wasn’t always the plan.¬†Stephan says that his¬†road to illustration has mostly been on a whim, beginning in Grade 11 when he dropped accounting to do art because he liked to paint.


Stephan chooses painting over working digitally and says, “With computers making everything so mechanical these days, I’m enjoying being able to push and constantly playing with my own style, and to my joy, it seems the market is demanding a more human and quirky brand of illustration.”


See more from Stephan at www.behance.net/StephanvanWyk


Stephan van Wyk Stephan van Wyk

Stephan van Wyk

Stephan van Wyk

Stephan van Wyk

Stephan van Wyk

Stephan van Wyk

Stephan van Wyk Stephan van Wyk



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  1. Andrea says:

    Great work!!! I love the detail but a pity I can’t see the top as well. Looks cut-off.

  2. Tara says:

    Super cool style, love your work! Well done Stephan.

  3. Miles Mossop says:

    Hi SAtephan,

    I would like to make contact with you regarding wine label design.
    Please send me a mail and perhaps we can meet.

    Kind regards,

    Miles Mossop

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