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Vital ‘Trojan Sweet’ Print | Draftfcb CT

Vital 'Trojan Sweet' Print Ad


Draftfcb Cape Town is the agency behind this beautifully illustrated print ad for Vital’s range of great tasting chewable multivitamins for kids. They said, “Many parents are familiar with the struggle to feed their kids something healthy. As soon as the good stuff appears, their little jaws clamp shut like a castle gate. Thankfully, Vital’s range of Kids Multivitamins disguises goodness in a coating of deliciousness.”


Click on the image to get a better look.




ECD: Mike Barnwell
CD: Aaron Harris, Doug Larter
Art Director: Brendon Barnard
Copywriter: Ian Metcalfe, Chris de Villiers
Illustrator: Christiaan Venter, Ryan de Carte, Brendon Barnard


Between 10 and 5