Update: Andrés Pallavicini

Los Monstruous by Andrés Pallavicini


We first featured Andrés Pallavicini while he was mid-way through his grad year studying information design at TUKS in Pretoria. Since graduating he has been working at a motion graphics studio in Johannesburg and doing a lot of personal illustration work as an outlet for his creative ideas.


The images here give us a look into Andrés’s mind and make up two new illustrated series he made for fun and exploration. He says, “These are two new series I’ve been working on over the past two months or so, experimenting with a new approach focusing more on design principles in illustration than predominantly illustrative ones. They are both based around a particular colour palette, and make use of flat vector illustrations done in Illustrator.


God is a Dog… was an attempt to make something fairly harmonious using obnoxiously luminous colours, and Mares was dirtied up and rearranged in Photoshop to give it a semi collage and surreal feel. Mares means ‘seas’ in Spanish, and each one is a surreal vision of the things one encounters in the seas. God is a dog… has no particular concept, just psychedelic glimpses into my subconscious I suppose.”


Currently Andrés is focussing on producing enough work to exhibit and making plans to travel abroad.


Find more from him at www.behance.net/kirubeen.


Los Mares

Las Islas

God is a dog by Andrés Pallavicini
God is a dog…

Andrés Pallavicini

Stupid Haircut

Andrés Pallavicini


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  1. I love the works of this talented young man, it´s amazing!