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Amber Smith is an illustrator currently completing her final year of design studies at Open Window. Her first solo exhibition called Lapis Lazuli is on show at Wolves in Johannesburg.


She let us know about her illustration style and palette, “I’m influenced by a wide variety of styles and I enjoy trying to bring them together, but in general I would say that my work leans slightly more toward the traditional side of things. Because I experiment quite a bit with mediums I often layer them together and add a lot of detailed line work to keep it interesting. I also tend to use a lot of blue shades, which is one of the reasons I named my exhibition Lapis Lazuli; a blue metamorphic rock used to create blue pigment. The other reason is that it’s really fun to say.”


Amber admits to a ‘kind of corny’ sense of humour which she says comes through in her work, particularly in her zine, The Collector’s Edition. She says, “I interviewed individuals with unique collections and got to capture quotes like, “Even though I have all these watches I have no time”.” We love the illustrated collections of PEZ dispensers, retro ceramics and old coins.


Find more of Amber’s work at ambersmithillustration.blogspot.com or on Behance.





Bearded Lady

Fire Breather

Siamese Twins

Strong Man

Lapis Lazli Posters

Lapis Lazuli

Amber Smith


Amber Smith



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