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Designer-makers Lyall Sprong and Marc Nicolson from Thingking are hosting a Secret Dinner on Friday 20 September 2013, as a build-up to The Spier Secret Festival on 25-26 October 2013.


The Secret Dinners are all about mystery and excitement. You pick a host, book a ticket and get a secret address. On the night, a group of strangers arrive at the secret location to have dinner together. The hosts determine the concept, the menu and the venue, so each Secret Dinner promises to be a unique experience. Hosts include Kate and Marianne from The Creamery, Yang Zhao from Beijing Opera, Urban Farmer and Designer Matt Allison, and Jules from Outlandish Kitchen.


The concept for Thingking’s dinner plays on the industrialization of food. The dinner will explore the future of food, and there will be very little or no human contact involved in serving the food. Think machines, voice distortion, smoke screens and lighting effects. This concept is inline with the experience design work they do with arduino actuators and sensors.


Thingking Secret Dinner


Check out the Castle Light Mind Reader they built. It’s basically an automated, mind reading bartender. Users wear EEG headsets, concentrate on cold, and get rewarded with beer. They also built the Lipton Tea-mometer, a heat-detecting vending machine which gives cold Lipton iced teas to users with a high enough body temperature.


What’s on the menu for this Secret Dinner? Marc and Lyall are collaborating with chef Loubie Rusch, as well as SOMA Confection and Sorbetiere. “The food will be tasty but homogenous,” say the Thing Kings. They want to separate the taste from the visual signifiers, and there are a bunch of molds involved to make the food unrecognizable.


Thinking Secret Dinner


We are giving away a set of double tickets to Thingking’s Secret Dinner. Fill in this form before midnight on Sunday the 15th of September to stand a chance to win! Winner announced on Monday 16 September 2013.



UPDATE: Congrats to the winner Didintle Ntsie! We’ll be in touch shortly about how to claim your tickets. Enjoy!


To book for this dinner, or to find out more about the other dinners, go to The Spier Secret Festival’s website.


Also check out  the Spier Secret Festival Conference. The conference includes local and international speakers, sharing secrets and insights about food and wine.


Speakers include the original food experience designer, Marije Vogelzang. She’s also hosting an interactive eating experience on Friday 25 October 2013, exploring the ancient cooking method of baking meat and vegetables in clay. Book for the dinner here.




Spier Secret Festival



  1. Hi there,

    I am hosting some international travel bloggers for the #lovecapetown campaign, and I would love for them to experience true Cape Town hospitality at one of these secret dinners. I think it would be a great story angle. Please could you contact me on to see how we could arrange this?

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  2. Melissa van Rooyen

    Hi Hannah,

    I sent you an email with all the details you need.


  3. Hoorah!
    You just made my week!
    I just re-read what is on offer and realised how out-of-this world this is going to be.
    Feeling lucky to be involved in such an interesting social experiment dinner – can I call it that?
    Secret dinner. Yes.
    All this blah blah can be condensed to THANK YOU