Featured: Lucie De Moyencourt

Lucie de Moyencourt


Lucie De Moyencourt is a painter and illustrator based in Cape Town. She works by responding intuitively to what she sees – observing her subjects very closely and trusting her hand to guide the brush without giving it too much thought. Lucie has no formal art training (although she studied architecture for 7 years) but painting and drawing is something she’s always done for herself.  Lucie says, “I paint because I am addicted to the ‘surprise’ that the painted canvas gives me when I step back from the easel.


When we initially asked to interview Lucie, we expected to get her written answers back in a few days. Instead, she surprised us with these unique illustrations drawn to answer each of our questions! Have a look at her lovely “visual interview” below to learn a little more about her.


You were born in Paris, how old were you when you moved to South Africa?


Lucie de Moyencourt


Where and what did you study? Tell us more about your journey so far…


Lucie de Moyencourt

Lucie de Moyencourt




Considering your mother was a ballet dancer and your father was an antique dealer and collector, which of your traits, interests and characteristics do you attribute to growing up surrounded by these influences?


Lucie de Moyencourt

Lucie de Moyencourt


You’re an architect, set designer, illustrator and painter. Tell us more about each of these aspects that make up your career and how you manage to find the time for them all?


Lucie de Moyencourt


What are some of the things that influence and inspire each of the types of work you do?


Lucie de Moyencourt


What does being an artist mean to you? What do you hope to communicate to viewers through your work?




Describe the components that make up your ideal working environment…


Lucie de Moyencourt


You’ve said that you prefer to finish a piece in one sitting. Why is this?


Lucie de Moyencourt


Tell us more about your process and the mediums you work in/with to create your art?


Lucie de Moyencourt


How would you describe your art to someone who has never seen it?


Lucie de Moyencourt


What’s one thing you can’t go a day without?


Lucie de Moyencourt


Who are your favourite South African artists?


Lucie de Moyencourt


What are you working on at the moment, and what are your plans going forward?


Lucie de Moyencourt


View more of Lucie’s work on her website, and follow along on her new sketchbook blog for regular updates.


Company Gardens

Lucie de Moyencourt Tofu Mozambique

Lucie de Moyencourt Deyrolle bug room


Lucie de Moyencourt Laundry is boring


Lucie de Moyencourt Barcelona Balcony

Lucie de Moyencourt Camps Bay beach


10and5 office

The last image is a drawing Lucie made while visiting the 10and5 office in Braamfontein.



  1. Lovely.

  2. Such a free-spirited creature – her works are as magical as the artist herself. Love.

  3. super tu commence vraiment a avoir de la patte
    ce que je vois est tres encourageant c est fou comme le travail fais la difference

  4. Absolument splendide. J’adore tout ce que tu fais. Très inspirant……..!

  5. Apres 5
    Super Luce +

  6. Lucie, you are delightful! The palm tree painting completely transported me to past life led and a holiday in Mozambique. Aaah nostalgia! I clicked on it and see it was indeed Tofu. Beautiful work