Print Ads by Joe Public Ignite for Bryanston Parallel Medium School

Joe Public Ingite


Joe Public Ignite created this print campaign for a school in Johannesburg that teaches in both English and Afrikaans. The ads feature a poem and sentences that can be read word for word – with only occasional changes in meaning – in both languages, and end with the message: Only four out of every hundred people realise this can be read in Afrikaans and English. Give your child the best of both worlds.


The campaign recently received first prize for print in Creative Circle’s Ad of the Month.




Executive Creative Director – Pepe Marais

Creative Director – Pippa Capstick

Art Director – Natalie le Roux / Martin Helgan

Writer – Este Du Plessis / Claudi Potter


Joe Public Ingite Joe Public Ingite



  1. This is so great. Very well done to the team.

  2. I’m interested in where these ads are running – anyone know?

  3. Beautiful writing, but did this school really really ask for this work?

  4. Pendoring 2006

    Title: My pen is in my hand
    Agency: Ogilvy South Africa (Cape Town)
    Creative director: Gordon Ray
    Copy writer: Gordon Ray
    Art director: Carl Willoughby
    Advertiser: Trudie Oosthuizen
    Product/service: Korporatiewe Identiteit
    Production: Ogilvy Repro

  5. Well done!

  6. @kiddo: do you have inside info that the school did NOT ask for this work, or are you just sowing fud where it is not necessary.

    Please enlighten us.

  7. Kiddo – you picked the right name. for that is not an adult response! Some serious thinking went into that. But, as they say, only 4% will notice that.

  8. some serious thinking also went into MTN’s project Uganda and we all know how that turned out. Don’t shoot a man for asking a question. But seriously, how does a school manage to get unto one of the country’s premier ad agencies’ client list?

  9. Well Steve, it is Bryanston after all (Sandton). And it is a Dual Medium School. It is an award winning (first prize) professional advertising campaign that is, from a target market point of view, quite appropriate. Apologies to Kiddo if I was a bit harsh, but I thought the project is clearly outlined at the top of the page. And with all respect, I have a gut feel it will be much more successful than the MTN project 😉

  10. Read that as ‘proportionately much more successful’.

  11. My guess is Pointblank’s real name is above in the agency credits?

    BTW – it’s a healthy debate that is now out in the open – the previous comments have their place. I don’t think Eton college even has it’s own advertising agency.

  12. baie cool!

  13. CLEVER CATS! Love this piece!

  14. What a fantastic and original piece of writing!

  15. Not quite gar.. (hehehe). Although I have been in advertising and publishing for 40 years, I am in no way associated with this particular agency. Just giving credit for a job well done. But you might be on to something there.. Maybe some of the names in the agency credits might have kids in that particular school? (joking). But seriously, unlike most other educational facilities, this school actually has something to sell, and that is the fact that the are Parallel Medium. This is EXACTLY what they did – in a most innovative and brilliant way.

  16. This is not an extraordinary ad. Try to do this with any other two languages. Afrikaans as a language is so unnecessary.