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Bookly by Native VML | From e-reader app to writing platform

Bookly App

Bookly App


Bookly is a fully-equipped e-reader app by Native VML that was initially launched on Mxit in May last year (2013). This week it launched a second phase becoming not only a platform for reading, but also for sharing writing.


Because bookly works with Mxit this means that even feature phones can run it enabling them to have all the features and functionality of more advanced, electronic readers. This is how it works:




Bookly has had over 700 000 unique visitors who viewed more than 13 million pages. The platform has grown to feature more than 450 books and users have added more than 250 000 books to their bookshelves. It has been instrumental in promoting South African authors with thousands of reads achieved for publishers including Modjaji Books, Black Letter Media, Random House, Miss Write and Wordsmack. The app has also won awards including ‘Most Innovative App’ at the MTN App of The Year Awards, and ‘Best Start-up’ at the annual FutureBook Innovation Awards in London.


To get even more people to read, bookly needs more content that is relevant and personal to the kids using it. To do this, they have opened the platform to allow users to write stories or books themselves. A bookly is a short piece of fiction that is designed for mobile which means that it should be kept concise, entertaining and provocative, this includes anything from short stories to poems. A bookly can be written using anything from a feature phone to a PC. Anyone with a phone can become an author as people will be invited via the mobile site to tell their stories through writing a bookly.


“By expanding bookly into a writing platform, we will allow children and young adults to create content that is relevant to them – and written in their own language. That way, bookly will become a platform that inspires writing, in any language, on any mobile device,” says Levon Rivers, Native VML’s Head of Inventions.


The bookly Award will also be launched to encourage children to write on the platform. Native VML is also working with writing workshops such as Sa-Res, MissWrite, and Access to spread the word.


Bookly, kids

Bookly, kids


Check out these links for more information:


Established authors or educational workshop organisers who would like to get involved can send an email to


bookly social media manifesto

bookly social media manifesto




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