Vote for Pets | Replace SA Politicians with Furry Friends

Vote For Pets


With less than a month to go to the next general elections in South Africa, online news and social media is making it feel like it’s all politics all the time. Respite comes in the form of ‘Vote for Pets’ a handy browser extension turning political posturing into positive change.


Vote for Pets replaces any image it can identify as a South African politician with a picture of a much cuter dog or cat from Barking Mad looking for a home. You can even help to feed these adorable dogs and cats for free by clicking here and visiting the Barking Mad website.


Vote for Pets works on pretty much any website and will run until elections are over ensuring a much-needed break from seeing another dancing, fibbing or red beret-wearing politician.


Team credits:


Velvet Digital – Concept
Weekday Heroes – Design and technical implementation
I heart PR – PR and getting the word out
The Tony Meow campaign for the original idea


Weekday Heroes

Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 7.58.17 AM


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