As part of a campaign to launch MWEB’s Uncapped WiFi offering, Society have created The MWEB #dinnercam, a (slightly tongue-in-cheek) social media food gadget currently found at El Burro in Cape Town.


Highlighting how WiFi and the web are currently being used in public spaces – often for posting jealousy-inspiring, #dinnerwars food shots on Instagram, Twitter and other social networks – the #dinnercam has been designed to produce the perfect social media photo with a smartphone by providing a perfectly lit environment for food.


MWEB has partnered with Cape Town restaurant El Burro to introduce the public to #dinnercam. It will be available on request to diners who will be able to connect via MWEB WiFi to post their photos. Pictures that are posted with the hashtag #dinnercam from the restaurant are printed and delivered to the diner’s table. To take another photo of, no doubt.


Can someone let Martha Stewart know about this?




Society / King James Group:


Creative Director: Dan Pinch
Senior Designer: Hayley More
Head of Content: Anna-Mart Fourie
Account Director: Kelly May
Account Manager: Robynne Rowlinson


Design & Production: ThingKing
PR: Atmosphere


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