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The 2014 Loerie Awards Campaign Videos


McCann has released the next phase to their 2014 Loeries campaign, Create. Affect., a series of six short videos that bring their print ads to life.


A word from the agency:


We at McCann are very proud to be the creators of this year’s Loeries campaign. As anyone who’s worked on this brief before knows, it’s possibly the toughest brief in South African advertising, mostly because it gets judged by every creative in the country who didn’t work on it. With the Loerie Awards evolving from celebrating advertising creativity to celebrating creativity as a whole, we were driven to explore the essence of creativity itself.


The conclusion that we came to is that true creativity evokes an emotional response from its beholder. That this is what gives a piece of work value, that makes it worthy of an award. We feel that an emotion felt is a connection made and so challenge all of our peers to CREATE with the intention of having an AFFECT on your audience. To that challenge we knew we had to make something special, so we enlisted the help of our industry’s best to bring our campaign to life. Our gratitude goes out to every single individual involved. Be sure to watch this campaign between now and the end of Creative Week as we hope to affect you on a regular basis as it unfolds.


Creativity isn’t complicated. It doesn’t jump through hoops. Creativity moves you despite the information overload that numbs you daily. True creativity affects. The Loeries 2014 is celebrating the ideas that live beyond the medium and dwell in the hearts and minds of the consumer. Create. Affect.


See the first phase of the campaign here.


 Campaign Credits:


Chief Officer: Andrew Human
Production Co-coordinator: Malefa Motitswe

Chief Creative Officer: Pierre Odendaal
ECD:  Pierre Odendaal
Creative Director: Sanche Frolich van Rensburg
Associate Creative Director: Steve Clayton
Art Director: Sanche Frolich van Rensburg
Designer: Cara Wohlberg, Sarita Immelman, Marcelle Labuschagne
Copywriter: Laura Maggs, Steve Clayton
Operations Director: Helga Loser
TV Producer: Yash Raidoo
Print Producer: Michael Higgins

Photographer: Ross Garrett – Lampost
Assistant: Doug Bouwer
Producer: Jodie Ennik – Lampost
Wardrobe Stylist: Crystal Birch – Lampost
Stylist Assistant: Thokie
Stylist Assistant: Jade Rea
Make Up Artist: Tarryn Lee Kelly – Lampost & Bianca Hartkopf

Director: Ross Garrett – Lampost
DOP: James Adey
Nicholas Doble – Panavision
Michele St Arnaud – Panalux
Gaffer – Tobie de Haas
DIT – Marina Korskowa
Focus Puller – Paul Painting
Music Composer – Adam Howard

Deepend Post Production:
Producer: Paulene Abrey
Editor: Paul West
Editor: Schalk van der Merwe
Producer: Simone Fanti

Producer: Susan Bellion
Grade Editor: Craig Simonetti

Fresh VFX Compositor: Bradley Glossop
Producer: Stuart Botha

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