Presenting: Lucie de Moyencourt at the InAWE Residency



We’ve recently launched our InAWE Residency Programme in collaboration with InAWE Stays to celebrate the Mother City’s year as World Design Capital in 2014. Eight local creatives will stay in one of InAWE Stays’ self-catering cottages in the city centre, while creating a unique piece inspired by the space and surrounds. Nokia is providing a Lumia 1520 for the artists to use during their stay, which they’ll use to complement their creative process.


The first artist at the InAWE Residency was Fort Rixon, who created Stand Fast, a piece that tells the story of the HMS Birkenhead shipwreck off the coast of Gansbaai. Next up is Lucie de Moyencourt. Lucie is a architect by trade and artist by nature, born in Paris and based in Cape Town. Her hand-painted illustrations are inspired by the people and places she encounters, and she keeps sketchbooks of her experiences.


During her InAWE Residency, Lucie was intrigued by the complicated, mysterious shapes of the rocks on Table Mountain, so she made a set of illustrations inspired by the view from her loft at InAWE Stays and other iconic spots in and around Cape Town.


See more of Lucie’s paintings on her Tumblr and Website.


Lucie de Moyencourt

Lucie de Moyencourt

Lucie de Moyencourt

Lucie de Moyencourt

Lucie de Moyencourt

Lucie de Moyencourt



The Residency runs throughout World Design Capital in 2014, with artists working on illustrations, embroideries, photographs everything in between. So keep an eye on our InAWE Residency series during the next few months.


To book accommodation at InAWE Stays, visit their website.


We’ll be documenting the project through videos shot by Josh Hayman and made possible by Nokia. Thanks Nokia!





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