Cadbury Dairy Milk ‘Triplets’ TVC by Ogilvy JHB



Cadbury Dairy Milk’s new commercial ‘Triplets’ debuted on SA TV screens this week. The one page brief to Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg was to capture ‘irrepressible joy’. They answered with a story set in the womb where three unborn, singing and dancing bundles of joy perform The Soil’s can’t-help-but-feel-good “Joy (We Are Family)” in unison while their mother eats a Cadbury slab.


The team was tasked with creating engaging communication to speak to a primarily female Cadbury Dairy Milk target consumer and bring to life the spontaneous release of joy that Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate evokes. ‘Triplets’ taps into the insight that South Africans are inherently joyful, and we have this joy within each and every one of us.


South African acapella group The Soil performed a special edit of the song specifically recorded for the commercial and their body movements and facial expressions were captured through motion caption suits and applied to the animated babies by Glassworks in the UK.


Director of the ad, Adrian De Sa Garces of Velocity says, “When The Soil performs the song, you can feel their passion and a rich sense of joy – we wanted this to come through in our TV ad. South Africans have not seen animation of this quality and much attention was given so that the most realistic and beautiful expression of ‘joy’ and real life through animation could be created through the triplets.”


Cadbury Triplets Cadbury Triplets Cadbury Triplets Cadbury Triplets


Hear the full song here:





The campaign will also be supported by in store displays nationwide, outdoor billboards as well as digital and a public relations campaign. See the brand’s Facebook page for more.




  1. love <3

  2. Awww my husband told me about this. I just about cried. Beautiful

  3. what a beautiful ad, I love it it so sweet, I cry everytime I c it on tv

  4. I found the Ad very disturbing don’t wanna lie

  5. I looooove the ad,I think its the most sweetest and funniest ad ever,good work!

  6. wonderful ad sore sweet

  7. aw owsome AD you have out done yourselves and set the bar very high. dont know when last i saw such a powerful ad that made me stay glued to my screen with the hope it will play again and gain. touch down well done

  8. Incredibly well crafted. Love this!

  9. Best ad ever,i really enjoy it

  10. Very creative.. just one problem though, the lady only starts eating the first bar after the babies have already sang.

  11. Wow i like dis ad im enyoy if its play on tv

  12. When I saw the ad this week it brought tears into my eyes since one of my boy lost his unborn kid on the 20/07/14 non the less its a sweet ad,no complain.

  13. Beautiful-nice work guys, best AD of all time… But I concare with Sizah “the
    lady only starts eating the first bar after the
    babies have already sang(Sizah)” but I love it

  14. This is the Best Avdert in the whole History of Mzanzi’s (South Africa)Adverts….(Creative, Artistic and Soul touching) well done to the Team the created the advert….

  15. This is the Best Avdert in the whole History of Mzanzi’s (South Africa)Adverts….(Creative, Artistic and Soul touching) well done to the Team that created the advert….

  16. I definitely say its a great advertisement,it wants people who think out of the box. It simply means the kids get excited when the mother is in possession of the chocolate & start singing joy!!!!!! Because they know joy is coming*my thought*

  17. loooolest… i cn cey big u 2mzansi gys cz they takin us 2de next tnkng level…de advert is a bomb n am in lve wth it

  18. flippen beautiful add lyrics are relevant best ad ever made

  19. I love this ad, it give me the joy really.

  20. I love the creativity but me nd my wife just lost a baby nd everytime we watching th tv when that add comes in it takes all the joy from my wife,so with all due respect to the add team can you please do another add to accomodate. All the families that have lost their unborn nd born children.especialy the mothers, do it for them plus its a womans month after all………let the nation vote

  21. This ad makes me feelz. You know. I gets joy in my belly.
    But why is the mother being selfish?
    1 piece for da 3 babies. That no right. Them babies gonna fight 4 dat piece.
    She making them sing for 1 piece of chocolate? Not cool.
    Why is da mother giving sexy eyes to that guy on the bus? He must know respect. He can’t have the chocolate. That chocolate for babies.
    He need to sing for dat joy. For realz.