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11 All-Girl Teams Taking Names

August is Women’s Month in South Africa. To celebrate that we bring you an annual Creative Women series of interviews, and this year (today, in fact!) we’re also hosting a special edition of our Show & Tell talks. To further shine a light on the wonderful things that local ladies are doing, we’ve compiled a list of 11 all-girl teams.


Emma Frost and Jessica Ellis | Supernatural Floral Design


Supernatural x Craig Port


A truly fitting addition to this list, we first featured the Supernatural girls in our Creative Women series last year. Both born in Knysna and now based in Cape Town, Emma Frost (an art historian) and Jessica Ellis (a Fine Arts graduate) began Supernatural Floral Design in early 2013 in response to their shared passion for all things natural, wild and extraordinary. Part of the studio’s strength is in its variety, as Jessica gravitates towards the graphic and modern while Emma’s approach is more whimsical and relaxed. The combination of these two different, yet complementary styles enables them to cater for anything from weddings to fashion editorials.


Emma Frost

Supernatural Floral Design 2014 Lookbook (3)



Olivia Kennaway and Alice Heusser | Lalesso


Lalesso Resort 2015 Collection (8)


Lalesso is a fashion label founded and run by co-designers Olivia Kennaway and Alice Heusser. In 2007 the duo made the first 100 Lalesso skirts (which were a sell out), and have since made it their trademark to use African-inspired textiles in all of their collections to evoke the lifestyle of an endless African summer. Focused on sustainability the garments are produced with environmentally friendly facbrics and crafted under strict ethical and fair-trade practices in Kenya. The Lalesso Resort 2015 Collection (pictured here) contains traditional pieces with intricate patterns and a vibrant colour pallete, which have been reworked in a tribute to the effortless and uncomplicated beauty of East Africa.


Lalesso Resort 2015 Collection (17)

Lalesso Resort 2015 Collection (10)



Lorraine Smit and Melina McDonald | Darling




Previously heading up Bouffant (a sister company to Velocity Films) Lorraine Smit and Melina McDonald have recently launched their very own company, Darling. As the Executive Producers they’ve sourced an all-star team of directors – Chloe Coetsee, Jono Hall, Jeana Theron, Ross Garrett, John Trengove and Louis Minnaar – who were each chosen not only for their film-related skills, but interest in other creative industries including everything from photography, to food and graphic design. This, Lorraine and Melina hope, will allow them to apply a more all-encompassing approach to production and draw on the wide skill set of their own team instead of always having to outsource. Keep an eye out for an interview with Lorraine and Melina coming soon!


Heidi Chisholm and Sharon Lombard | Mr Somebody and Mr Nobody


Mr Somebody and Mr Nobody


Mr Somebody and Mr Nobody is the brilliant and unconventional result of a collaboration between two South African designers/artists who are living and working in the States. Independently, Heidi Chisholm runs her own  graphic design studio and Extra Fancy, while Sharon Lombard works in a variety of creative avenues including designing and building furniture, writing, drawing comics and conceptualizing retail stores. Together as Mr Somebody and Mr Nobody, Heidi and Sharon have exhibited at art and design fairs across continents and are recognised for an ‘Afro-Cool-Universal-Style’.


Mr Somebody and Mr Nobody (3) - CopyMr Somebody and Mr Nobody (1) - Copy



Megan Bird and Lizanne Visser | Driehoek




Driehoek is a Pretoria-based illustration collective consisting of Megan Bird and Lizanne Visser, who each completed a BA in visual communication from Open Window. Describing themselves as “just two kids who like drawing, a lot” Megan and Lizanne do this very well, employing a collaborative approach to create work that varies considerably from very serious and highly detailed, to quirky and minimalist.







Kara Furter and Mary-Anne Grobler | King Juliet


King Juliet


King Juliet is a Cape Town based lifestyle brand run by Kara Furter and Mary-Anne Grobler. Kara is a decor stylist at heart, with a brain for business who formed King Juliet to fulfil a need for design conscious collaborative projects. Mary-Anne has experience as an art director and graphic designer, and she joined the King Juliet team shortly after launching her own jewellery line, Matter Of Fakt. This is now one of three brands (to date) that fall under King Juliet, along with The Big Boy Shorts and STÅL.


King Juliet

King Juliet



Yang Zhao and Naama Tsalik | Beijing Opera


Beijing Opera


Prior to the permanent eatery that now occupies a space at The State House Building in Cape Town, Beijing Opera has taken the form of pop-ups, Food Jams and Dim Sum classes. The restaurant is owned by all-round creative Yang Zhao, who has been focusing her enterprising energy on reintroducing Dim Sum as a food concept, and it is managed by another dynamic woman, Naama Tsalik. With a menu of steamed or fired dim sum parcels with fillings and flavours that change every few weeks, Beijing Opera is a delightful culinary experience that above all is about exposing people to aspects of a different culture.


Beijing Opera (1)

Beijing Opera

Basement Pixels Photography



Emma Paradise and Kate Desmarais | Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town



Art director Emma Paradise and copywriter Kate Desmarais are both at Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town, where they work together as a creative team on campaigns. Included amongst the fantastic results of their combined efforts are the adidas Originals Run Thru Time short films, Edible Street Art and Did You Know? for Chappies, and a water wig for Dentyne Strawberry. Currently, they’re producing more work for Dentyne as well as for Coca-Cola.


Dentyne Strawberry

Chappies Edible Street Art


The Other Girls | The Wknd Social


The Other Girls in VISI Magazine

The Other Girls in VISI Magazine


The Other Girls (Nothando Moleketi, Nandi Dlepu, Thithi Nteta, Tumi Mohale and Vuyiswa Mutshekwane) are a group of women who strive to create innovative events that bring together the right people in an authentic and creaitve way. The Wknd Social is one such event that takes the form of a monthly brunch and day party all about good food, good music and good people. Look out for their G I R L Edition on the 30th of August.


The WKND Social

The WKND Social | Image via | Photographer: Thina Zibi

The WKND Social | Image via mblife

The WKND Social | Image via | Photographer: Thina Zibi



Robyn Britz and Sue Britz | Zana


Zana (4)


Zana is a creative brand that was founded by Robyn Britz, who sudied a BA in Creative Brand Communication speciliasing in Multi Media Design at Vega, and Sue Britz, who has a background and many years of experience in the print industry. When Robyn was in her final year of studying, Sue approached her with the idea of designing something to print on textiles, and so Zana was born. Two years later the studio has grown to a team of 7 women all passionate about colours, patterns and typography which they print onto fabric and sew into a collection of bags, pouches and cushions.


Zana (1)

Zana (2)



Kat van Duinen and Katherine-Mary Pichulik | Baraka Capsule Collection


Kat Pichulik and Kat van Duinen (4)


Clothing designer Kat van Duinen collaborated with Katherine-Mary Pichulik of the bold accessories label, Pichulik, to create a capsule collection. The collection launched at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Cape Town is called Baraka, which is the Arabic term for the beneficent force from God that flows through the physical and spiritual spheres as prosperity, protection and happiness. White plains of linen in sleek, signature Kat van Duinen cuts are combined with the quintessential Pichulik woven pieces created using materials and stones sourced from Africa and the Middle East.


Kat Pichulik and Kat van Duinen (3)

Kat Pichulik and Kat van Duinen (1)



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