FNB Joburg Art Fair | A Studio Visit with Ruann Coleman



Born and raised in Johannesburg but living and working in Stellenbosch, Ruann Coleman is a young artist seeking balance. His works consists of found objects sourced from nature and junk yards that he shapes or distorts so that they become free-standing sculptures or balance precariously against one another, in a way that’s more than a little frustrating to figure out.


Ruann’s process involves walks through Stellenbosch, where he searches for interesting shapes that, through slight manipulation, bringing the piece into the gallery space thereby changing its context, and by working with but seemingly defying gravity, become his next works of art. Finding these pieces is an art in itself. Ruann has one specific road where he’s sure to find an abundance of twigs, but he makes rules for himself that dictate a waiting period of three days before picking any up. If they’re still there and he still really likes a specific twig then he’ll pick it up and take it to his studio.


Ruann will be taking part in the upcoming FNB Joburg Art Fair with two pieces that he is hoping will elicit the age-old musing, “Is it art?”


For more information about Ruann and his work visit the smac art gallery website or his own Tumblr site, ‘I bent it myself’.






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