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5 Creative Directors on 5 Buzzwords in 5 Minutes



Amid the praise, parties and picking up your dignity the next day that comes with Loeries weekend, there is also of course the ad-talk. Marketing loves a buzzword and this year has provided plenty. We picked 5 (technically 4 + an opportunity for predicting what the next will be) and asked 5 Executive Creative Directors for 5 minutes of their time between deadlines and judging Loeries entries to give us their 2 cents on each. Here are their thoughts straight from their smartphones to your screen.


Xolisa Dyeshana // Executive Creative Director at Joe Public


Storytelling: The key to getting me to listen, watch, participate.
Content: is still king.
Big Data: is gibberish in many instances.
Authenticity: is real.
Next Big Thing: Leveraging integration. And double tequila, dry lemon.






Kerry Friend // Executive Creative Director at Hellocomputer


Storytelling: has become a swearword.
Content: is now a bit player.
Big Data: is a big pile of pooh unless it’s smart.
Authenticity: can be the worst kind of fake.
Next Big Thing: will be a lot of useful things.






Jake Bester // Executive Creative Director at Publicis Machine


Storytelling: A good story needs a beginning, a middle and an end for it to be a story. Brands are often missing one, two or even all three of those, so they can hardly be called storytellers.
Content: Often too long. Often poorly executed. Often leaves me discontent.
Big Data: must be nice to have, but we seem to be more often than not working without it.
Authenticity: The truth is out there. Somebody will always find it. Don’t take a chance.
The Next Big Thing: was never meant to be the next big thing. It just was.






Ahmed Tilly // Founder of BlackRiver FC


Storytelling: is the next big thing.
Content: is all about telling a good story.
Big Data: is not possible without great content.
Authenticity: is greater than big data.
Next Big Thing: is authenticity.






Mariana O’Kelly // Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg


Storytelling: It’s a great way to relate to any market, as long as we keep it to storytelling and not fairy tales where brands pretend you will live happily ever after with their product.
Content: Really make someone feel something and Bob’s your uncle.
Big Data: Beware. Somewhere, someone in a lab coat wearing gold trimmed glasses knows that you are reading this exact sentence either off a Mac, PC, tablet or smartphone, and they know where you live.
Authenticity: Live life first, so you have a real story to tell. Otherwise people will see right through you and will know you have an agenda, rather than a point of view.
Next Big Thing: If I knew, I wouldn’t be typing this right now in my office but would be on a beach somewhere sipping on some fancy cocktail.




Illustrations by Ninjabreadboy


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