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WISHLIST: Patrick Visser and Raees Saiet for YOH!

Patrick and Raees - YOH


Next up in our WISHLIST series we’ve got Patrick Visser and Raees Saiet, the boys behind the all-encompassing ‘creative outlet’ YOH!. What started out with the duo planning parties expanded into some promotional merchandise and this year, YOH! spiralled to include a full on streetwear brand. Their 2014 range, On Sight, is a monochromatic, minimalist reflection of the time that it exists in. Here, Patrick and Raees share the local threads, art (and food!) on their WISHLISTs.




1 / Ink drawings by Mia Chaplin

I have been into Mia Chaplin’s art for the longest time and she’ll be selling some of her work on the 13th of December at the O.K. & M.C. Illustration Sale.


Mia Chaplin


2 / Cream tennis cut tee by Adriaan Kuiters

One of the nicest locally made shirts I’ve bought. It’s perfect for Summer as well.


Adriaan Kuiters


3 / Banana watercolours by Lady $kollie aka Laura Windvogel

This girl and her work’s just the best TBH.


Laura Windvogel


4 / 2BOP’s SS15 5 panel caps

Saw these unreleased beauties at STR.CRD. The mint and salmon cap are my favourites from their upcoming collection.


2BOP 5 panel cap




5 / T-shirt by Young & Lazy

Jas t-shirt.


T-shirt by Young & Lazy


6 / Any one of the Nick Marcus Charlie Brown figures at The Fringe on Kloof

Jas Charlie Brown scuplture.


Nick Marcus  - Charlie Brown


7 / Beef bagel at Max Bagels

Jas food.


max bagels


8 / Hemelse Hockey Jersey by 2BOP

Jas top.


Hemelse Hockey Jersey by 2BOP




9 / KFC Dunked Wings

The best and most addictive thing KFC has ever done.


kfc dunked wings


10 / Ramen at Downtown Ramen

We want to have weekly business meetings at Downtown Ramen. We’ve had one thus far, it was very good.


Downtown Ramen 1


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