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WISHLIST: Artist, Writer and Curator Dylan Culhane

Dylan Culhane - WISHLIST


Our next guest curated WISHLIST comes courtesy of Dylan Culhane; a curator (fancy that!), artist, photographer, director and writer. In the publication world, he’s held the position of editor for Vice Magazine South Africa and most recently for the Mercedes Benz Magazine as well as its online counterpart, Last year his artistic endeavours saw him creating a series of 80s-inspired graphic photo collages for the Nothing Else Comes Close group exhibition, and he employed a similar style for the cover of the first, self-titled album of Hello Beautiful. There’s a lot more we could say, but the gist of it is this: Dylan is a multidisciplinary creative and he’s got very good taste to boot. These are the local wishes on his xmas list.


1 / UPDOG: Simon and Mary

I’m a hat guy, but my collection of Fedoras is a bit worse for wear. Ever since hearing about Simon and Mary earlier this year I’ve been coveting their headwear HARD. I particularly love their diverse range of colours and styles. Unfortunately they don’t sell online, but I’ll finally get my chance to grab one at the UPDOG pop-up store at The Old Biscuit Mill.


Simon and Mary SS15 Lookbook (3)


2 / Smith & Abrahams: Stance socks & 2Bop Varsity Jacket

If Auntie Megan is going to get me socks again this year, let them be these. They’ll go perfectly with my new 2Bop Raak Wys Varsity Jacket.


Smith & Abrahams


3 / Common Methods: Matblac x Lio De Bruin x Woodheads Tote Bag

A friend of mine, Agata Niemkowicz, recently curated this really great show called Common Methods – a component of a larger collaborative bridge she’s building between local and Dutch designers. One piece that had me drooling at the opening was this tote bag created as a collab between Matblac and Lio De Bruin.




4 / Roastin’ Records: Various

Aaah Roastin’ Records. God bless these guys for keeping analogue recordings alive in Cape Town. The selection of vinyl records you can order online is remarkable. This Christmas I’d love to invest in some local and African music on vinyl, although the collector in me just wants to fork out for the full Daniel Johnston cassette box tape set. Gold!


Roastin Records


5 / Below The Lion: Magic Flight Launch Box

The technology associated with the ‘vaping’ phenomenon has resulted in a plethora of smokeless smoking paraphernalia for the cannabis connoisseur. Portable vaporizers are definitely the way forward (your lungs will agree), and the MFLB is perhaps the simplest and most cost-effective option in a fairly saturated market . I like the wooden construction on this one too.




6 / Houdt: Wooden iPad/iMac keyboard

Okay, so I already bought one of these. But I love it, and would totally recommend it as a replacement keyboard for when yours eventually conks out, or simply as a refreshing antidote to brushed aluminium.




7 / Chapel: Holdall bag

I’d like to travel more next year – but I’d like to do it in style and not in a stained tracksuit, hauling that generic backpack I got given at some media event three years ago. Life’s too short for that kind of shit, hence this bag.




8 / Adriaan Kuiters: Through hoop collar shirt

I bought an outfit from Adriaan Kuiters at the Neighbourhood Goods Market about 5 years back, and have watched with great interest as this local brand continues to ascend. I love this collaboration with Jody Paulsen – minimal, elegant form offset with colorful, vibrant patterning. Totes my vibe.




9 / League of Beers: Cape Brewing Company

This portal is potentially dangerous: Any number of local and international craft beer varietals delivered to your door at the click of a mouse. I’m partial to the Cape Brewing Company Krystal Weiss, but have been having a torrid affair with the new Mandarina Bavaria IPA.


Cape brewing company


10 / Stable: Joe Paine Kreep Lite Planter

I’m a homeowner now, which means things like wall-mounted pot plants make me giddy in ways hitherto unknown. This contemporary nod to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon by Joe Paine would undoubtedly enhance my existence.


18 Planter by Joe Paine


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