Children’s Drawings Come to Life in a Sweet Commercial for KFC ‘Add Hope’


Darling Films and director Jono Hall were tasked by Ogilvy Johannesburg to come up with an ad for KFC’s ‘Add Hope’ campaign. The idea was to create a commercial about a sad and isolated child who, through the help of good nourishment, grows and develops into a happy and positive human being. But there was a catch: the entire story had to be communicated through children’s drawings.

The creative force behind these drawings are a group of 250 kids from one of KFC’s beneficiaries, Afrika Tikkun, who were asked to draw interpretations of their world. Over a period of roughly two weeks they created over 1000 pictures which Jono and the Ogilvy crew used as the guiding light for their commercial. Once they had a final selection they got to work building a fantasy pop-up book style set for the story to take place, with characters drawn by the children becomming the cast. All of this was lit and shot with film cameras, after which Jannes Hendricks animated the little hero character into the footage – telling a sweet and hopeful story in an unconventional way.

KFC 'Add Hope' x Jono Hall 1

KFC 'Add Hope' x Jono Hall 2

KFC 'Add Hope' x Jono Hall 3

Take a look as this “making of” video for an insight into the process:


Agency: Ogilvy Johannesburg / Executive creative director: Mairiana O Kelly / Creative director: Robyn Bergman / Agency producer: Debbie Dannheisser / Agency art director: Georja Romano / Copywriter: Tracy-Lynn King / Production company: Darling Films / Director: Jono Hall / Producer: Melina McDonald, Lorraine Smit and Brenda Wilson / Director of photography: Tim Pike / Production art director: Lauren Willensky / Behind the scenes: Justine Puren / Animator: Jannes Hendrikz / Editor: Marcelle Mouton at Deep End PP / Online edit: Christian vd Walt at Sinister Studios  / Music: Pulse Music and Produce Sound

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